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This week we are joined by the WOMEN of PSF! (PS. They aren’t really in the kitchen)

News you can use:
1 WHO. “Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy” (November16, 2015). Available online at

2 NC HHS. “NC immunization Branch – NC Exemptions.” Available online at

3 Ben Goldacre. “How vaccine scares respect local cultural boundaries” (April 24, 2013). Available online at

Watch the full episode of The Andy Griffith Show referenced in this episode here:

This week we talk to Neil Winters and Bryce Blankenagel about leaving Mormonism and how it affected them and their families.


*NOTE: Unequally Yoked Podcast will be available on the RAM Spreaker very soon.  

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New Segment: “Secular News & Views You Can Use” hosted by Willie, the Old Goat with a Weiner, from rural North Carolina (Intro/Outro music: “A Star, A Jewel, And A Hoax”  by John Prine)

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