On this special episode of Atheist Avengers, we interview Christian Metal Rocker turned Atheist, Shannon Low. His band is called ‘The Order of Elijah’. He talks to us about losing his faith and the backlash from his fans. But he insists on continuing to rock out!



LOGO 2017

This week we just talk about who we are, and where we came from, and why we are… the Atheist Avengers!

Roast of God, From ReAsonCon 2015:

LOGO 2017

This week we talk to Neil Winters and Bryce Blankenagel about leaving Mormonism and how it affected them and their families.


*NOTE: Unequally Yoked Podcast will be available on the RAM Spreaker very soon.  

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New Segment: “Secular News & Views You Can Use” hosted by Willie, the Old Goat with a Weiner, from rural North Carolina (Intro/Outro music: “A Star, A Jewel, And A Hoax”  by John Prine)

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